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Pool Installation Services

If you want to install a swimming pool to your home in Northern Georgia, My Pool Builders can help, call My Pool Builders today. We specialize in concrete pool installation. When you imagine owning a pool, you probably imagine having to clean it. Our concrete pools include a state-of-the-art cleaning system that works constantly to keep your pool crystal-clear.

The My Pool Builders Installation Process

When you hire My Pool Builders for a new pool installation you’re hiring a full-service pool builder. We’ll handle every step of your pool installation. This includes:

  • Creating a custom design based on your ideas and needs
  • Meeting at our showroom to discuss materials and finishes
  • Electronic copies of the sign contract
  • Get permits from local municipalities
  • Laying out the pool with spray paint and/or white flags to visualize pool and make any last minute changes in size or location
  • Calling all utilities to get them located to avoid any damage and loss of utilities to homeowners
  • Digging and grading the area, to ease of use and ongoing maintenance of surrounding areas
  • Installing of plumbing, electric and gas (depending on what all is needed)
  • Pouring of shotcrete
  • Grading and prep for decking
  • Coping, waterline tile and decking installation
  • Pebble installation
  • Final filling of the pool
  • Meeting with the client to go over the operation/function of the equipment and pool

After a permit is obtained, the whole process takes about 8 weeks to complete.

Get Your Swimming Pool Installed

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